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Who am I?

“I am Mr Wolf, I solve problems”

My name is Dario (not Wolf) and I find labels very constraining, so I don’t want to use one to describe myself, I prefer to tell you where I come from and where I want to go.

Why do I say I solve problems?
We all have obstacles that separate us from what we want, I am that person who enables you to reach your goal.

A few things about me.

After graduating from the Carlo Porta Hospitality School in Milan:

  • I worked as a concierge and receptionist in luxury hotels
  • I took a bachelor in Psychology
  • I took a Master’s degree in advertising
  • I moved to Berlin, where I cleaned houses, led tour groups, cooked and wrote.

Today I help people and companies to leverage their talents and connect with the right audience.

Reviews (some real ones)

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“We are very satisfied with Dario’s work! He gave us a full website audit, proactively and independently made improvements and then delivered a full keyword strategy based on very thorough analysis. He was very reactive and approachable and always went the extra mile.”

Head of Product – Nyala

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